What is rangers ?

Rangers at A Glance

Rangers Malaysia provides a total solution for your fleet automotive needs. Our services cover from roadside assistance and services to being able to perform minor repair work on your vehicles followed by managing your fleet of vehicles. We specialise in ALL type of vehicles from passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles.

Since our establishment in 2017, Rangers Malaysia has developed a service network of more than 500 tow trucks and carriers, more than 200 four-wheeled drive vehicles and more than 800 registered workshops.

Our mobile application and 24-hours call centre operations will accommodate to your request for support and assistance anytime and anywhere throughout Malaysia.

Why Choose Rangers ?

Fast & Reliable

We are committed to delivering professional, reliable and efficient support so that your emergencies do not take up more than the necessary time. The apps is configured to find you the closest and fastest services specific to your requirement.

Anytime, Anywhere

No fixed hours. Day or night, we are ready to assist you in any kind of situation, wherever it may be.

Cost Effective

RANGERS apps calculates the estimate through destination and vehicle-based pricing for your situation, provides you with transparent quotation and helps you find the nearest Rangers that will give you the best deal.