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Rangers Malaysia provides a total solution for your fleet automotive needs. Our services cover from roadside assistance and services to being able to perform minor repair work on your vehicles followed by managing your fleet of vehicles. We specialise in ALL type of vehicles from passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles.


We have all the packing supplies and our movers are experienced and trained to effectively handle, transport, and equipment.


Roadside Assistance, Repair Workshop, Fleet Management, Supply of Item, Call Centre Management and Mobile Application development.


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Customer review

"Good service from Rangers. Recommended for bike towing!"
"Saya tak tahu lah apa saya nak buat kalau takde Rangers. Abang-abang Driver dan Call Agent semua peramah dan sangat membantu dalam saya kesusahan. Terima kasih Rangers!"
Fiqa Fadzli
"My overall experience with Rangers was very good, better than what I expected. The PIC were very helpful too"
Wong Yew Hor